Rfinance (RFI) Presale FAQ

Announcing: RFinance (RFI) Presale Date

Rfinance (RFI) Presale FAQ

We have received a lot of interest as well as questions from members of our community. Here we will try to answer the most common question asked by our community regarding the RFI project and its presale.

Rfinance (RFI) Presale FAQ

Why Anonymous Team?

One question always comes first in an investor’s mind who is behind the project although we are a group of like-minded enthusiast blockchain developers who breathes, and sleeps decentralization and cryptography having more than 7 years of experience in the crypto space, for now, we decided to remain anonymous for some time few reasons behind that first we are a group of experienced blockchain developers and we are also working on other projects and some of us do the job so we decided to keep everything separate.

The second reason if we show our team members details publicly, we have to apply for a securities license in that case we also required full KYC information from every potential presale investor even if we complete all the formalities Then, an investor from the USA and a bunch of other countries wouldn’t be allowed to participate in the RFI presales.

Last & most important reason you all know we are disrupting big financial institutions and banks using blockchain defi technology and we all know that decentralized finance can’t be stopped and it will only grow from here despite governments and financial institutions not being thrilled of this space. so we decided to stay anonymous and build a good defi project that doesn’t need rights from a centralized team. It will be good for our project success in the long run However, we will disclose our identity until unless some law and regulation come into the favor of crypto.

When Will Be the Presale Start?

The RFI presale project is Live.

Why You are Doing Pre-Sale?

The pre-sale is used in order to generate backup seed liquidity mostly for exchange listing & early project development and helpful for early investors as well.

How much Liquidity will be added to the Uniswap Pool?

Right after presale, we will lock 300 ETH (60% of Pre-Sale) in the liquidity pool.

How much will be RFI tokens worth When I receive them?

Just like any other token, the value is based on supply and demand also we will be listing the RFI token on Uniswap DEX for 1 ETH = 20 RFI while the presale price is 1 ETH = 40 RFI this is just initial profit and we have some bigger partnership which will be announced after listing so that will definitely enhance its price.

Where Can I Purchase RFI Tokens?

The RFI token is not currently available on any exchange we will list RFI tokens on Uniswap after the completion of its Pre-sale?

What about the RFI Team tokens and locking period?

Since the community governs RFI tokens so we decided that if the hard cap (500 ETH) or soft cap (300 ETH) of presale reached in both these conditions we will burn teams all token which is around 2% (1000) of the total supply.

RFI Token Burn?

All unsold RFI tokens that remain from the presale will be burned.

Do you plan on listing on other CEX besides Uniswap dex?

As we said earlier we have some good announcement after presale so after listing in Uniswap we will be listing on other exchanges too.

Why There is no bonus for early supporters?

Just to make the presale process smooth and avoid the unnecessary gas war we decided not to give any bonus instead we will start some good promotional campaign on social media that will good for the project in the long run.

Where Can I get more information about RFI token presale and about the project?

You can visit the following links for more information about the project?

For more information about RFI presale, join our Telegram and Twitter through the links below! Stay tuned with us for more information!

Telegram: https://t.me/RFinance1008


How can we help you?

Contact Rfinance team if you need help or have questions.

Our team is happy to answer your every query regarding Rfinance (RFI) token please send us an email to: