RFinance (RFI) A New Emerging Project of De-Fi Ecosystem


Turning to the power of smart contracts, crypto lenders and borrowers use different protocols to access loans. Bitcoin might have given the world money but Ethereum is giving it finance. A novel decentralized financial application seeking to bring the opportunities that lie within De-Fi to anyone with a smartphone is RFinance (RFI). Going beyond the speculation narrative, RFI is making it easier for savers to access better yields in the crypto sphere.

What is RFinance (RFI)?

RFinance (RFI) is a comprehensive De-Fi ecosystem. It traces its crypto aggregation protocol from kindred apps such as Aave, Compound, or dYdX. Leveraging the potential within open source code and decentralization, RFinance is a complete marketplace. Here lenders and borrowers can negotiate and come to terms without the use of a third party. RFI aids the automatic movement of positions between lender and borrower agreements. It assists depositors in accessing high yield rates from their capital.

RFinance could not have launched at a better time in the DeFi space. The cryptocurrency market is increasingly seizing up the legacy finance borrowing and lending turf. De-Fi offers higher interest rates. Besides, it has the added benefit of less taxing verification procedures. A crypto holder can present a virtual asset as collateral and access a loan via RFinance to meet an immediate financial need. In so doing, they can separate their long-term investment crypto goals from their short-term goals.

They will also dodge a taxable transaction of their crypto assets. A fantastic opportunity for high passive income generation, De-Fi investors are lending out their digital assets for interest rates as high as 12%. In contrast, conventional lending institutions are offering negative interest on deposits as the global economy heads towards a recession.

Think of RFinance as a financial posting board. On this board, lenders offer loans in a trustless manner from pools of funds. They contribute to these pools with their deposits. Lenders in turn borrow these funds then pay them back with interest. Every pool allocates a percentage of these crypto-assets as a reserve. The stockpile is the De-Fi world’s hedge against crypto volatility.

To this end, lenders can withdraw their funds when they want to. RFinance gives people charge of their money and opens exciting doors for them to use it. Investment and trading have never been more accessible or easier to initiate!

Some RFI benefits include;

RFinance’s token has more functionality and its users can access a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Traditionally, De-Fi platforms use assets built on the ethereum network. These include stablecoins such as DAI, USDT, LEND, Maker, Coinbase’s USDC, Binance’s BUSD, or ETHLend to name but a few. RFI currently leverages the Ethereum blockchain as well, but it is seeking to break away from the platform’s legendary high gas fees and speed limitations.

This new crypto lending platform will achieve this feat by banking on cross-blockchain interoperability. On RFinance, lenders, and borrowers can soon use other speedier and cheaper transactions charge assets such as Tron, ADA, and EOS.\

On RFI platform, users will build an automatic market maker (AMM) via liquidity mining. Any miner can provide liquidity to RFinance liquidity by running open-source mining software. There will be depositor and lender income as per an algorithmic and transparent pricing module. Stakeholders will also access highly lucrative yield firms. The sharing of returns is as per a user’s accumulation of RFI tokens deposits.

One outstanding feature of a De-Fi wallet is that unlike bank accounts, the user can work with any interface of their choice. They can switch between wallet apps to pursue higher yields with ease. Simply import a copy of a private key. RFinance uses this feature as a boon, helping all its users benefit from other apps. This eventually makes the whole De-Fi ecosystem more powerful and useful for all.

  • Useful RFinance performance analytics:
    Crypto assets are synonymous with high price volatility. They also do not offer investor protection. Nevertheless, they are a novel asset category with public protocols that display all financial information to the public. RFI leverages this feature to offer analytics that helps all players make informed borrowing or lending decisions. Users can track their profits, enjoy more profit, and cut down their exposure to risk.
  • Open-source governance structure:
    Unlike other projects in the space, RFinance is fully decentralized. It is community-owned meaning that RFI users directly influence and own the development’s protocols. Since the community governs it, they can submit code changes or proposals. If acceptable to all, they can enhance the RFI ecosystem. All RFI holders have voter’s rights. 
  • Yield farming opportunities:
    RFI offers incredible yield farming opportunities where anyone can access arbitrage opportunities. Here users do not need massive upfront capital. They can instead innovate with optimum strategies that diversify smart contract benefits..
  • RFinance mobile app:
    To ensure that every person in any place in the world can enjoy the benefits of De-Fi, RFI has built a robust smartphone app. All that users need is a smartphone and internet connection to earn. The app is intuitive, secure, scalable, and efficient.
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