RFI New Token Distribution Model

RFI New Token Structure

RFI New Token Distribution Model

As you all know due to some technical issues we have postponed our presale but we have some exciting announcements for the RFI community regarding its token structure our team decided to change the token structure and it will really help presale investors of RFI. The new Token Distribution model is as follow:

Total supply: 50,000 RFI

Listing Price: 1 ETH = 20 RFI (previously it was 33.33)

Presale: 20,000 RFI (40%)

Team: 1000 RFI (2%) (Previously it was 5%)

The 2% team tokens are locked, will unlock 1% First month next 1% will be unlocked after one year.

Staking: 5000 RFI (10%) (It is same as before)

10% of the token will be locked These tokens will be used as rewards for staking. when the RFI staking function launched.

Marketing and Audits: 12000 RFI (24%)

We enhanced the marketing budget in a new token structure As RFI is a community-driven project and we have established connections and partnerships with other crypto projects as well as influencers in the space. so 24% of the token will be used for community airdrop, Listing marketing, and audits.

Development: 5000 RFI (10%)

We have reduced the development budget because we have already some experienced crypto developers specialize in defi daps so we thought we should reduce this budget and allocate more budget to the marketing fund.

Reserve: 1000 RFI (2%) (Previously it was 5%)

2% of RFI tokens will be kept in reserve for emergency use cases due to community-driven projects The community must agree on the usage for these Reserve tokens.

Initial UniSwap Liquidity: 6000 RFI (12%)

Apart from that, we are also planning for a huge community Airdrop very soon. The announcement of RFI Airdrop will be very soon in our telegram group and twitter handle.


Telegram: https://t.me/RFinance1008

Discord: https://discord.gg/rAutApS

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Rfinancedefi

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/rfinancedefi

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