Introducing RFinance (RFI) A Complete De-Fi Ecosystem

Rfinance de-fi yield farming info

Welcome, everybody, to Rfinance (RFI) A complete De-Fi ecosystem. Rfinance (RFI) is an aggregation platform based on decentralized lending protocols such as Compound, Aave, dYdX, etc.

The goal of RFinance (RFI) is simple-the decentralized finance platform that supports multiple Defi agreements will automatically move positions between agreements to help depositors get the highest financial income. The benefits of the RFinance (RFI) platform are:

Support multiple currencies

Allow using more profitable pools

Unique liquidity mining rewards

Dynamically switch between lending platforms to obtain the highest yield

Decentralized and Community-Owned: Users are incentivized with the RFinance (RFI) governance token The governance rights of the Rfinance platform are owned by the holders of RFI, and the holders of RFI exercise their governance rights by voting. Fully community-owned. Propose and vote on any system parameter.

  • RFI Analytics:
    Track your profits with analytics across all RFI Finance strategies. it helps to reduce your risk and gain more profit.
  • Next-Generation Yield Farming:
    RFinance connects Defi money together to innovate high RFI strategies with diversified smart contract risk.
  • RFinance APP:
    Smartphone users are increasing very rapidly also good for our De-Fi ecosystem That’s why we Allow anyone with a smartphone to participate in the global Defi market and earns a profit.
  • Cross-Blockchain Solution:
    Currently, we can only trust on Ethereum (ETH) blockchain but it has limitation like speed and high gas fees so we required alternative solution for that and it can be possible by the cross-blockchain solution to bridge the gap between the different blockchain solution like EOS, ADA, TRON, etc.
How can we help you?

Contact Rfinance team if you need help or have questions.

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