Announcing: RFinance (RFI) Presale and Token Details

RFinance (RFI) Presale and Token Details

The presale will start on 12 October 2020. Currently there is no whitelisting for token presale token distribution will be based on first come first serve base.

The total RFI supply is 50,000 tokens. The presale will be 20,000 RFI or 40% of all tokens available. The listing price per token is one ETH for 20 RFI. Its hard cap is 500 ETH. Afterward, every unsold RFI will be burnt permanently to remove them from circulation. This deflationary purpose move provides higher incentives to RFI users. After the presale, RFI tokens will be on the Uniswap DEX.

2% or 1000 RFI will be locked as team funds. 1% of this fund will unlock in the first month, and this action will occur again after six months. 10% of the tokens will be locked for use as staking rewards while 24% of all RFI will be utilized for audits, marketing, and community airdrops. 10% of all RFI is set aside as support for ecosystem development. 2% or 1000 RFI will act as a reserve package under the control of the RFinance community.

Since RFinance (RFI) is community-owned meaning that RFI users will directly influence and own the development’s protocols. Since the community governs it so we decided that if the hard cap (500 ETH) or soft cap (300 ETH) of presale reached in both these conditions we will burn teams all token which is around 2% (1000) of the total supply and in case if we didn’t reach to our presale goal than the all unsold token during the presale will be burn. And the liquidity will be locked for one year.

RFI Token Structure

Cost of 1 token RFI during presale: 0.025 ETH

Term of token sale: 48 hours with the possibility of an automatic early completion in pursuing the final goals of pre-sale (500 ETH)

Minimum Deposit/Maximum:  0.024 ETH /50 ETH

Total Token for Presale: 20000

Secured ways to purchase tokens: Ethereum (ETH), Metamask Wallet

Hard Cap: 500 Ethereum (ETH)

Soft Cap: 300 Ethereum (ETH)

In case if we don’t reach the total hard cap of 500 ETH or Soft cap of 300 ETH, we will burn the unsold RFI token during Presale.

To ensure everything goes smoothly we are not giving any discounts or bonus token during the presale. Everyone will have a maximum allocation of 50 ETH and 0.024 ETH minimum (However it can be changed if the community wants some changes over individual cap) at a rate of 1 ETH = 40 RFI.

For more information about RFI presale, join our Telegram group for the latest update! Thanks for reading and we look forward to launching this RFI!

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