Rfinance (RFI) A Complete Community-Driven De-Fi Ecosystem

The main features of Rfinance (RFI) which gives an advantage over other de-fi projects currently available in the market
  • Fully Decentralized and community-owned with governance rights by voting
  • Reduce your risk and gain more profit with RFI Analytics
  • Next-Generation Yield Farming
  • RFinance APP for android and IOS platform
  • Cross-blockchain solution for EOS, ADA, TRON, etc

RFI Pre-Sale Live:



RFinance (RFI) Token?

RFinance (RFI) is a comprehensive De-Fi ecosystem. It traces its crypto aggregation protocol from kindred apps such as Aave, Compound, or dYdX. Leveraging the potential within open source code and decentralization, RFinance is a complete marketplace.

Here lenders and borrowers can negotiate and come to terms without the use of a third party. RFI aids the automatic movement of positions between lender and borrower agreements. It assists depositors in accessing high yield rates from their capital.

Rfinance de-fi yield farming info
Rfinance (RFI)

Rfinance Android and iOS App

Our Rfinance App (currently under development) To ensure that every person in any place in the world can enjoy the benefits of De-Fi, RFI has built a robust smartphone app. All that users need is a smartphone and internet connection to earn. The app is intuitive, secure, scalable, and efficient.

Rfinance (RFI) Project Stages

RFI Token Overview
Equity Token Of The Rfinance De-Fi Platform

Total Supply = 50000 RFI

RFI is A DeFi yield aggregator platform

Deflationary Staking Mechanism

Governance token of the Rfinance platform

December 2020

1 ETH = 40 RFI

up to 40% of total supply available for pre-sale

20000 RFI

Hard cap of 500 ETH

Uniswap Listing
December 2020

1 ETH = 20 RFI

Uniswap listing just after pre-sale finish

We will issue initial UniSwap liquidity of 6000 RFI token, we will burn all RFI team token (1000 RFI) if hardcap (500 ETH) reached just after Uniswap listing.

RFI Token Structure

Cost of 1 token RFI: 0.025 ETH
Term of token sale: Until the Hardcap (500 ETH) /Softcap (300 ETH) Reached
Minimum Deposit/Maximum: 0.024 ETH /50 ETH
Technical limitation of tokens: 50000
Adjustable emission: All unsold and unallocated tokens during pre-sale will bе burn and additional release оf tokens will not be possible
Secured ways to purchase tokens: Ethereum (ETH), Metamask Wallet
Hard Cap/Soft Cap: 500 Ethereum (ETH) / 300 Ethereum (ETH)
Reserved Funding
Founders and Team
Marketing and Audits
Uniswap Liquidity

RFI Token Budget Allocation

  • 15% Product Development

    Since we want to make it a unique and useful De-Fi ecosystem, not like many new projects out there and we have already onboarded some best quality experienced web developer, designer, and solidity developer who have agreed to work with us

  • 20% Marketing, Sales, Audits & Partnerships

    Expenses for attracting the new investor to the RFI platform, making partnerships with other platform to enhance the use case of RFI

  • 5% Reserve

    5% of RFI tokens will be kept in reserve for emergency use cases due to community-driven project The community must agree on the usage for these Reserve tokens.

  • 60% Initial UniSwap Liquidity

    6000 RFI tokens will be used for initial liquidity on Uniswap DEX


January 2021
Launched Rfinance aggregate main De-Fi platform
May 2021
Launch Rfinance decentralized automatic market making trading platform
August 2021
Develop Rfinance decentralized oracle service network
March 2022
Cross-blockchain solution
March 2021
Develop Rfinance ecological mobile app for Android and iOS platform (currently its under development, possibly launch just after staking platform)
July 2021
Launch Rfinance decentralized leverage platform
October 2021
Launched Rfinance decentralized derivatives trading platform

How you can get the most out of DeFi with the help of RFI aggregation platform

Think of RFinance as a financial posting board. On this board, lenders offer loans in a trustless manner from pools of funds. They contribute to these pools with their deposits. Lenders in turn borrow these funds then pay them back with interest.

Unlike other projects in the space, RFinance is fully decentralized. It is community-owned meaning that RFI users directly influence and own the development’s protocols.

Since the community governs it, they can submit code changes or proposals. If acceptable to all, they can enhance the RFI ecosystem. All RFI holders have voter’s rights.

Dynamic switching

One outstanding feature of a De-Fi wallet is that unlike bank accounts, the user can work with any interface of their choice. They can switch between wallet apps to pursue higher yields with ease.

Simply import a copy of a private key. RFinance uses this feature as a boon, helping all its users benefit from other apps. This eventually makes the whole De-Fi ecosystem more powerful and useful for all.

Currencies and rewards

Support multiple currencies
Unique liquidity mining rewards for RFI holder

Deflationary Attribute

30% of the transactions fee of the automated market maker (AMM) on the RFI platform will be used to buy RFI token and burn them
The remaining 70% will go to AMM’s liquidity provider (LP)

RFI News & Update